Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playstation Network hack confirmed

It looks like another loss for Sony Entertainment fans. This time I am afraid Sony will possibly suffer a loss in their market share in the video gaming industry as one of the worst online hacks in history was confirmed today by Sony Entertainment. On April 17th the PlayStation Network database was hacked by an unknown source. All of the 65 million users subscribed to the PSN have had their personal data stolen. Sony this morning issued a warning to all of its PSN users stating, "To protect against possible identity theft or other financial loss, we encourage you to remain vigilant to review your account statements and to monitor your credit reports." Even if you have been using network cards as payment, if you have at anytime given your credit card information to the PSN store in the past your credit card information may have been stolen.

As of today it is still unknown when the PSN will restore service to the gaming community. Sony has issued a statement in this mornings press release claiming, "We are taking the investigation seriously.  We decided to keep the service down to allow us to conduct a thorough investigation and verify smooth operation of our network services."

This event is not the first frustration PlayStation users have had to deal with this year. With the launch of "Black Ops" new map packs available for purchase online in March, it created a spike in sales that apparently Sony failed to plan for. The Black Ops expansion map packs were only available through PSN online or X-Box online stores. During the months of February though April many European countries including the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany could not get PlayStation Network cards. Users were forced to either use their credit card online or wait for Sony Network cards to be restocked at an unknown time. The question remains, 'did the hackers use strategic timing in performing a hack just after the sales cycle of Black Ops, the highest selling game of all time? No comment from Sony.

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