Monday, May 9, 2011

PlayStation Network customer update

Well another week has gone by and PSN services are still unavailable. Service was supposed to have been restored to the PlayStation Network customers last week as promised by Sony’s executive deputy president Kazuo Hirai in his press speech given on May 1st.  Apparently Sony was unable to restore service and stated they are 'undergoing further system checks'. As of the last official communication from Sony on March 5th, PSN does not have a confirmed date as to when the service will be available. However according to Mariko Yasu from Bloomberg, Sony plans to restore network service by May 31st.  Meanwhile, many users are expressing frustration from the unfulfilled promise to restore the network services during the promised time frame.

Sony PSN has faced a firestorm of negative press since the network went down from malicious attacks by suspected hackers calling themselves "Anonymous" who infiltrated the Network on April 22nd stealing 70+ million members’ identities. At last there is some good news for PlayStation users. Sony has released a plan to take care of their customers while they make further adjustments to secure their network. On Sony's update on May 5th Sony is offering free ‘All Clear ID Plus’ service to all of its United States customers. Sony is currently working on a deal to have the service available in Europe and other countries shortly. The program information and activation codes will be sent to its US customers shortly via e-mail and you have until June 18th to sign up.

What will the ‘All Clear ID Plus’ do for me? How does it work?
1.                  By signing up for the all clear ID plus you are protected by the industries best cyber monitoring and surveillance companies. This is a 3rd party surveillance program that will detect the use of your identity and monitor that against criminal websites and look for any suspicious reports where your identity might have been used. It checks police or law enforcement agencies reports to identify if someone has used your identity and you will be alerted immediately.
2.                  It offers a staffed licensed private investigator that will investigate any unauthorized use of your information and if necessary help you restore any damages that might have occurred.
3.                  All Clear ID Plus will offer you $1 million identity theft insurance policy per user

The All Clear Identity Plus service will be free for one year and is a good step for Sony to quickly offer a plan to put its customers first. We can all understand that any company, who does business focused around a large global network, faces chances of a criminal hack attacks. Learning from your weakness’ can only make you stronger in the end.  Its no doubt when Sony Entertainment goes back into service and within the next year we will see some big changes that will put them back into leadership position in the game industry.

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