Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Battlefield 3 pre-order exclusives not really exclusive

Getting excited about the pre-order exclusives for Battlefield 3 that you can receive for pre-ordering from selected retailers? Unfortunately there has been a change of plan. Dice has announced they will not make the exclusives solely available to pre-order customers. The original offer was to allow pre-order customers who bought from selected retailers, special weapons and abilities the game does not include when you buy Battlefield 3 on September 6 when it is released. Apparently many customers complained that it favored customers who have more disposable money then those those whom were on a budget and had to wait until the release date. The controversy forced Dice to agree to not make the pre-order exclusives, "exclusive." That means that all of the pre-order weapons and abilities will be available for download after a short period of time for all users to download. Dice decided everyone should be able to enjoy equal game play regardless when you are able to purchase the game.
If you really want to get a freebie for buying early, Dice has something for it's customers. They are offering a free BF 3 tee for all early birds.  Check out this link for details

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