Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saints Row 3 Takes On A Bold New Game Play

Saints Row the Third, THQ and Volition Inc latest game in the Saints Row series will be Released on Nov 15th 2011. Saints Row the 3rd can be described as, “The most ridiculous over the top experience in gaming” According to
Drew Holmes, Writer for Saints Row The Third at Volition Inc. And he is right; this is not the Saints Row you might have been expecting from the past series. The Saints Row gang is still the central part of the story but then the game takes a different direction because your game is your Sand Box and that means you can play or do anything you want in the Sand Box including brutally beating up pedestrians, running naked through the game or beating people with a giant purple dildo. Ok maybe that’s not the weird part, I can appreciate a few laughs. What is corny is the pink cat cartoon Professor Ganky that is introduced into the game. Its like an 80’s version of Japanamation. You basically have a chance to play an episode of Professor Gankys reality climax mini game. I don’t know if I’m watching or playing a Japanese cartoon or playing Saints Row. Other added features in the game play just don’t make sense like the battle tanks and fighter jets. You can grab a tank and destroy stuff or use a jet and laser cars or drop air strikes. Again am I playing Call of Duty or Saints Row?  Maybe the guys at Volition and THQ did not know what to feature in a game so dumped everything that was popular into the pool to see what happens. I think the only thing missing from the madness is some Zombies. Not everything from Saints Row series is gone. Saints Row 3 still has the customization capabilities for your character we all liked. Only fuzzy bunny suits and space costumes are just part of some of the available options. Saints Row the third will either be either over the top flop or hot. It’s to early to tell if mixed bag of ridiculous game play is what gamers are looking in this title.

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