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Monday, November 5, 2012

Get a free game download of Battlefield 1942

Dice announced today that they will be giving a free download of Battlefield 1942 in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. The free game is available for PC only, but I dont think you will find to many gamers complaining about getting a free video game. You need to head over to 

Battlefield has com a long way since its first edition 10 years ago. Battlefield 3 became EA's highest selling game of all time selling over 17 million copies. Here are a few interesting facts about Battlefield since it began 10 years ago.

  • 95 billion total heals
  • 4 billion total revives
  • 3 billion vehicles destroyed
  • 2 trillion bullets fired 
Congratulations to Dice for making a great game we will continue to look forward to!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Crisis 3 Pre-Order Deal Is A Great Buy

Crisis 3 Hunter Edition
The Crisis series is no doubt an incredible shooter game that for some reason, never really made it into the spotlight it deserved. Crisis is not only an FPS with amazing graphics, weapon selections and has one of the most reliable servers, its just damn fun to play. But don't worry if you have not played Crisis series in the past, because the new Crisis 3 Hunter Edition will give you plenty of reasons to get acquainted.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dishonored Launch Trailer

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dust 514 Game Review

Well after the curtain of silence was lifted in September from CCP games I can give you a girl gamers two cents on Dust 514 the FPS MMO from CCP games. First off I want to say I have been waiting a long time for this game to reach testing and I was very excited to take part in the dust 514 beta testing. The idea of having a massive multi-player online first person shooter on Sony play station was the next step in the fps evolution. The team at CCP has been working pretty hard around the clock since the beta first opened in March of 2012 to continue to develop and add-on new features to the game. There have been so many improvements along the way and I think we will continue to see the game evolve long after the Dust 514 release.
I can describe Dust 514 as a cross between Kill Zone colliding with Quake and the result was an FPS that still looks a little old school but raises the bar on giving players a challenging experience. First off, the game takes place across an entire galaxy and your battle outcomes are the key to gaining territory and acquiring strategic resources. That being said, there is a whole lot of reasons to kill everything. CCP did add the option for girl gamers to choose a female mercenary soldier as mentioned in one of my earlier articles but there was no special appearance to my drop suit making it impossible to see the difference. I am hoping CCP has something planned for female Dust 514 players in the coming upgrades before the launch later this year.
What I liked about this game was the massive maps and the Kill Zone planetary feel. Dust 514 offers a few a good selections of vehicles to get around the massive maps. There are a few land vehicles and a gun ship with mounted cannons which I found one of my favorite things to use to get things done. However in order to survive Dust 514 you need to invest in a decent drop suit which is your armor. Your drop suit is your lifeline to staying alive otherwise you die from one bullet. The more upgrades and improvements you make to your suit the better your performance and endurance is. There are so many upgrades to purchase or to earn and so many suit customizations it seems endless. If you have a tricked out combo drop suit, you will definitely dominate in your game. Your suit enhancements are not endless meaning that you use them up as you play and have to restock the abilities in your suit when they run out. I got tired of it pretty quick, because sometimes all I wanted to do is just get into battle and not waste so much time worrying about restocking all the time. In the beginning you will suffer a miserable punishment from players that purchased the merc packs or bought AUR (purchased game currency used to buy exclusive upgrades.) All weapons are crappy to use when you begin the game because you suffer a noob penalty meaning weapons don’t really work and it can take at least two full rounds to flatten your opponent. Big explosions are missing from the game which was surprising for a game loaded with big weapons, stationary turrets, different types of grenades and launchers. But never the less, the big weapons are still a whole lot of fun to use and will blow your enemy off the map.

As for weapons, there is a huge assortment to choose from side arms to swarm launches and high powered laser sniper rifles or assault weapons. The weapons handling is a bit clunky and old school but gets a lot better as you level up. Unfortunately what I did not like about the game was the ammo reloading. It not only is the slowest reload I have ever experienced leaving you dead on the reload but ammo also needs to be purchased before you go into battle. If you run out, you need to change your class. If your battle gets too heated and you are clean out of ammo, you are left spending the rest of the game with nothing but a knife.

Leveling up is not straight forward and takes time to figure it out because you need to earn skill points and customize your drop suit properly to get your game going. Dust 514 is one of the most difficult FPS I have played, if you can survive the learning curve of the game, you’re hooked and the intensity will be rewarding. You do need to give yourself plenty of time to learn the game or find a clan who will take you on and show you the ropes. You probably won’t see too many Jr’s playing Dust 514 because this is no kids game and players with higher levels and upgrades will punish you. Definitely download the game and without a doubt I recommend this to all FPS fans when it launches. The final release date for Dust 514 is set for late 2012 and at this moment not yet announced.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Assassins Creed 3 Looking Like Best Game of the Year

Assassins Creed 3 swept E3 this year with an impressive Best Game of the Year title for 2012 and Game Spot rates this a 9.0 but we saw this coming, it is no doubt one of the best RPG series and it’s one of the most entertaining games to play. Assassin’s Creed has a lot packed into it's third title and you’re not going to want to miss getting this one, definitely put it on your list of games to buy for fall 2012.
First off Assassins Creed 3 has a brand new game engine the AnvilNext engine. It’s taken the team at Ubi Soft three years building this engine from scratch to continue to give users more gaming options and experiences. The story is set in the early American colonial period and the Americans are about to revolt. You play the role of Conner the assassin sworn to fight for the liberty of his people. Yes of course you get to sneak around “killing in the name of…” but what makes this game different than any other RPG is the naval battles. You board ships and engage in pretty hectic warfare that includes: blowing ships to pieces with cannons, storms that blow up out on the ocean up at any time, manic activity and mayhem on the deck while the crew struggles to keep the ship afloat, braving massive swells that nearly swallow the ship and hand to hand combat. In this series you get to pick your style of combat whether it is the usual “I didn’t see the knife coming “method or pistols there are a few options to choose.
Assassins Creed 3 launches October 30th in the US and October 31st everywhere else. is offering a pre order special for both Xbox 360 and PS3 and that is the boarding axe single player weapon and the captain of the Aquila single player character. There are a few other pre order deals just drop me a comment below and shout out any deal that worth mentioning.

Best Game of the Year I think so, tell me what you think. 

Medal of Honor Warfighter Pre-Order line up and Beta

Right now we are all busy trying to find out which fall games will be worth buying.  Before you go out and buy, I would definitely take a look at Medal of Honor Warfighter if you’re a shooter fan. This addition to the Medal of Honor series has been developed on the Frostbite 2 engine. If you have played Battlefield 3 this year you already know what an impact the Frostbite 2 engine made in online gaming. It brought online gaming a huge leap forward for one of the best visual war simulated environments along with incredible sound effects and reactive explosive effects we have ever seen from an online FPS game since the old school days of Doom.
Medal of Honor Warfighter is a four person online co-op. It will allow you to represent 10 different elite Special Forces including, Russia, Korea, US Navy Seals, British, SAS, and Germany. These 4 man co-ops pair off to see which forces will dominate. Also added to the game will be random selected hot spots that will appear. The idea will be to defend or attack the hot spots that crop up.
Medal of Honor War fighter beta will be available for Xbox users starting early October.  The full version of the game is expected to launch on October 23rd in the US and October 26th in Europe.  Pre-order promos are looking pretty good. By order before October 23rd will receive the Medal of Honor Zero Dark thirty map pack in North America and the rest of the World will get the Medal of Honor Hunt Map pack. If you order the Limited Edition before October 23 or while it last ,you will also receive the Battlefield 4 beta key. Now that’s worth the extra effort of pre-ordering.
For more info and to take a peak at the trailers check out the Medal of Honor website.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Arriving

Call of Duty fans will not be disappointed this fall. The all time favorite FPS for girl gamers, COD Black ops 2 is on its way for release on November 13th this year. I think this online favorite will keep us busy until spring..The pre-order is line up is looking pretty good and I got the low down on what you can get for pre-ordering. But you need to pre-order to get the collection (so they say.)

The Call of Duty Collectors Edition
  •  Care package
  • Remote controlled MQ-27 Dragonfire drone(pre order only)
  • Nuke Town Zombies map
  • 2 sided collectible steel book
  • Limited edition challenge coins
  • Exclusive content- Player background
  • Multi playerweapon camo, 
  • Official soundtrack, 
  • C.L.A.W. (avatar X-box only)
  • Multiplayer Zombies premium themes
Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Get a Dust 514 Beta Code

Thats right I have some Dust 514 beta codes you can enter to win by giving us a "Like" on our Face Book Page. This week we will announce both on Facebook and Twitter when we are giving out those codes. Look for it,go to our page and give us a Like and enter to win a beta code!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Call of Duty Launches As Free MMO in China

Call of Duty Free in China

Activision Blizzard announced TuesdayJuly 3rd that they will be bringing Call of Duty online to China through a licensing deal with Tencent.  Only the Chinese version of Call of Dusty is free well, almost.  In order to have weapons and map upgrades, the Chinese users will have to pay for them rather than earn them. That’s mainly because the game will be operated through Tencent a MMO gaming company from China. It looks like the future of online gaming may be leaning toward MMOs now that Dust 514 is about to launch on the Playstation 3 platform for the first time ever in console gaming. 

Massive multiplayer’s so far seem to offer un-interrupted reliable game servers.  I think most players would have to agree it’s nice to not lose your stats and rewards because of game freeze. Playing MMO’s also gives you a chance to game continuously in a linear story without end.  Developers are able to continuously add new weapons and maps to the game to keep things fresh. Let’s certainly hope things go well for Activision Blizzard since western technology is rarely kept a Chinese secret behind the red curtain.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dust 514 Confirms The New MMOFPS Also For Girl Gamers

There is a new game massive multi-player online first person shooter coming to town if you have not already heard called Dust 514. Yes I admit we have been a bit busy promoting it all over our site and now we have more of a reason to do so. CCP games the developers of Dust 514 have confirmed today that they will include female mercenaries in the Dust 514 universe. For those of you who grew tired of saying "there are not enough games for girls", well now it seems the girl gamers can join the battle and form clans of their own. This information was passed to me today from the public relations representative from CCP games.  We have not officially seen the artwork for the female mercenaries but you can be sure as soon as it is available I will be bringing it to you.

 Dust 514  was revealed for the first time to the fans attending the EVE Online's Fanfest 2012 last week. Fans got a chance to check out the artwork close up and demo the game. For those of you who are not familiar with what the hype is around Dust 514 as a massive multi-player online (MMO) first person shooter (FPS). Maybe this will help you clear it up. What is new about Dust 514 is that, it will be the first massive multi-player online game built for any game console. MMO's games like Warcraft and Eve Online have been around for a while but primarily for PC users. Playing an MMO is not quite the same as popping in and playing a traditional FPS or RPG because sometimes it can have a bit of a learning curve. Sticking it out and leveling up can be a rewarding experience that will allow you to create clans and friends networks at a deeper level than traditional games. CCP is also doing something else that has not been done before on a console game. That is to add a second entirely different game called EVE Online; a space game based on flight combat and combine that with Dust 514; a ground combat shooter. By putting them together it will allow you to have a joined combat playing experience. Imagine a battle against another clan and being out numbered. You can send out a message asking for assistance from a pilot playing up in the EVE universe to come down and preform an air strike and lend your team a hand. He responds to your request and carpet bombs the place helping your clan to defend the territory. Because every action you take in the DUST/EVE universe is permanent. Well, I don't know about you but I am ready to hit the demo in June.

 Dust will be available to demo this summer in June and will be exclusive for PlayStation 3 users only.  Dust 514 release date is still unknown but planned for Q2 2012 and will be free to download for all Sony PlayStation 3 users.
by Jen Stekkinger

Monday, April 16, 2012

Crytek Launching New Game Crysis 3 Hunter Edition

Well one of the better FPS that launched in 2011 Crysis 2, is ready to bring us some good news. Crytek announced today that spring 2013 we will be seeing the new release of Crysis 3 Hunter Edition. Only this time they are calling it the ultimate sandbox shooter. I don’t know about you but quite honestly I rank Crysis 2 in the top three FPS of 2011. If you are like me and looking forward to this new title then Crytek has some kick’n items lined up you may not want to miss out on for pre-order customers of the Hunter Edition. Crytek also announced that players who are ready to start the hunt can pre-order the Crysis® 3 Hunter Edition* today. The Crysis 3 Hunter Edition gives players the tools to become the ultimate hunter in multiplayer with early access to the new signature bow and its attachments, plus the Hunter Nanosuit module which adds additional power and functionality to the super-suit. Gamers who pre-order now will also have a head start when playing online with a bonus XP boost up to level 5, a unique bow skin and three exclusive dog tags to hunt in style**. The Crysis 3 Hunter Edition is available at participating retailers for $59.99. In addition to receiving the Crysis 3 Hunter Edition, select retailers are offering gamers that pre-order Crysis 3 the following early multiplayer unlocks:  

Stalker Pack — Includes the base game, all Hunter Edition content and the following early multiplayer unlocks: for players who like to stalk their prey from the shadows the Stalker Pack provides early multiplayer access to the deadly semi-auto Jackal shotgun. This powerful, close-range shotgun comes with a unique silencer attachment, custom weapon skin and two exclusive themed in-game dog tags.

Overkill Pack — Includes the base game, all Hunter Edition content and the following early multiplayer unlocks: the Overkill Pack features early multiplayer access to the Typhoon assault weapon and skin. Spewing 500 rounds a second, the Typhoon gives players the ability to go guns blazing to take back the Liberty Dome. Also included are two exclusive Overkill themed in-game dog tags.

Predator Pack — Includes the base game, all the Hunter Edition content and the following early multiplayer unlocks: the Predator Pack delivers early multiplayer access to the Feline submachine gun and exclusive camo. With an extremely fast rate of fire and a 60 round magazine the Feline is highly effective and deadly, at short range.

If you’re wondering about the game play and story well that’s all new too. Set in 2047, Prophet is on a revenge mission after uncovering the truth behind Cell Corporation's motives for building the quarantined Nanodomes. The citizens were told that the giant citywide structures were resurrected to protect the population and to cleanse these metropolises of the remnants of Ceph forces. In reality, the Nanodomes are CELL's covert attempt at a land and technology grab in their quest for global domination. With Alien Ceph lurking around every corner and human enemies on the attack, nobody is safe in the path of vengeance. Everyone is a target in Prophet's quest for retribution. Crysis 2 was a great title unfortunately it did not have the marketing hype and was sadly shadowed by the big launches of Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. But as far as shooter games go, the CryENGINE 3 was impressive both in game play and visuals. I’m looking forward to Crysis 3 Hunter Edition and I certainly will be adding this to my 2013 game library.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Battlefield 3 Close Quarters DLC On It's Way

Photo of Battlefield 3 New Map Close Quarters

Yes that right you heard it, Battlefield 3 is getting ready to deliver a new expansion pac Battlefield 3 Close Quarters on June 13th. For PlayStation 3 users you will be able to get the expansion pac one week earlier. Oh but wait, great news gets even better as the new expansion pac will offer some new features we did not see before in the standard release of Battlefield 3. In Close Quarters there is new game play mixing teams and instant action. The DLC offers new assignments and weapon unlocks with the opportunity to earn some new jewelry with the addition of new dog tags. The combat looks incredible and enemies will attack from hidden locations giving a little more challenge to the game. But what we like best about Battlefield 3 is the total destruction of objects or buildings. And this time there no limit to chaos, everything blows.

Battlefield 3 really delivered what I consider the best FPS game and best performing FPS of 2011 with the Frostbite 2 engine. We have seen some pretty incredible artwork and game concepts. Dice continues to push the envelope in FPS gaming by not offering the same game twice and I think by looking at the sales figures they know what gamers want.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Layoffs Loom for Blizard Employees

Blizzard Entertainment developers of War Craft, Star Craft, and Dialblo announced Feb 29th in their press release that it will be cutting jobs in effort to recover the cost of some of the large investments the company needed to make in it's infrastructure in the past few years. The news came just a week before Blizzard Entertainment announced the release date for Diablo 3. Sadly Blizzard is looking to cut 600 jobs. No small layoff, a big shout out to the Ex-Blzzard crew who just got the freeze.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Announcing Dust 514 A Whole New Kind of Gaming MMOFPS

Image of Dust 514 Game Play

CCP Games today announced that DUST 514, its fiercely innovative massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS) will be free-to-play on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.DUST 514 is the first console game of its kind, set in the massive shared, persistent EVE Universe. Players will be able to download the game for free via PlayStation®Network and jump directly into the most enthralling and sophisticated virtual world ever created. The first global hands-on demonstration of DUST 514 will take place at CCP's EVE Fanfest March 22-24 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

“DUST 514 has everything you could want in a shooter: thrilling gameplay, spectacular graphics and an incredible strategic depth that comes from sharing the living universe of EVE Online,” said CCP CEO Hilmar P├ętursson. “DUST 514 embodies the passion and creativity the world has come to expect from CCP, and we think PlayStation®3 owners will be amazed at the opportunity to play such a groundbreaking new game of this caliber for free.”

DUST 514will deliver exhilarating team-based combat on thousands of planets within the vast reaches of the EVE Universe. Mercenary teams in DUST 514 will work closely with starship pilots in EVE Online to wage battles, acquire territory, amass wealth and build empires.

"As the first true free-to-play FPS on PS3™, Dust 514 signifies a big step forward in the evolution of console gaming," said Phil Rosenberg, SVP of Business Development, Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. "PS3™is the only platform where players will experience a AAA game like this for free and showcases our commitment to deliver the best games exclusively on PlayStation Network."

Closed private trials of DUST 514 began in December 2011 and will be organically expanding throughout the beta period. All Fanfest attendees will receive invitations to the private trial. The game is scheduled to launch later this year.

Great News For Uncharted 3 Fans the DLC Has Arrived

By:Eric Monacelli – Community Strategist, Naughty Dog.

By now you’ve become a badass at being a dependable teammate while taking out enemies trying to kill you in Uncharted 3 multiplayer, right? Not really? Ok, well, practice up because a new game type is coming in fiery hot to Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer! Co-Op Shade Survival Mode will be available Tuesday March 13 on the PS Store. You’ll be able to tackle some of the toughest enemies in the UNCHARTED franchise with the help of your friends.

The Djinn haunt this mode as you and your friends will be assaulted by wave after wave of progressively more demanding opponents. There are eight rounds in total. The Djinn’s ability to catch fire and teleport poses a formidable challenge to team strategy and coordination. Later rounds include highly skilled Djinn sporting extra armor and firepower so get ready for a hearty battle.

Players will earn a very sizable amount of cash by playing this mode through to completion and therefore can level up more quickly when surviving the onslaught. There are new medals to earn and different round objectives may come into effect during a match. The Marked Man round objective makes its first appearance in an Arena setting as a certain Djinn will be marked and then heavily protected by other Djinn bodyguards during the match.

Standalone, this mode will cost you €5.99/£3.99. If you’re already a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club this new mode has cost you only the initial price of admission – you can download the Co-Op Shade Survival Mode for Free on Tuesday. If you’re still not a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club but want to get in on all the DLC that’s available for Uncharted 3, the FHC is the most cost effective way to do so. For €24.99/£19.99 you can become a member today and all 14 packs of DLC content will be marked free for you to download. Just click on the FHC icon to buy it via the PS Store, or grab it via the in-game Uncharted 3 store today.

As a FHC member you save over 60% on the 14 packs of Uncharted 3 DLC. Current members and any new membership purchased will receive all currently available and any upcoming DLC packs for Uncharted 3, as well as the exclusive Fortune Hunters’ Club theme for your PS3. When new Uncharted 3 DLC hits, you’ll be notified right from the XMB of your PS3 with a message that will take you right to it.

Incidentally the fiery, devilish Djinn bring our Fortune Hunters’ Club DLC total to lucky number 13. The next, and final, DLC in the Fortune Hunters’ Club will be coming at you next month so be sure to look for our next blog post for fu

Get ready to take Earth Back With Mass Effect 3

The first blockbuster game of 2012 has arrived! Mass Effect™ 3 from BioWare, is now available at retail stores in North America and will be launching in Europe on March 9th. Get your guns polished Mass Effect 3 is looking pretty promising for shooter fans. But what what the girls at GGP like is that Bioware did not leave the ladies out of the game plan. Its about time game developers finally got around to giving us a game that includes nearly as many female characters as the guys for a shooter game. A big thanks to Bioware.

The story evolves around an all out galactic war to take the Earth back from a hybrid alien race. Whats great about this game is, that you get to decide on how to take different courses of action through out the game. The outcome of the game will be based on your decisions. The wrong choice can have consequences that can lead to the entire destruction of other civilizations. The story includes Lieutenant Commander Ashley Williams who is a career military officer with the Systems Alliance Marines. Also featuring Dr. Liara T'Soni is an asari information broker with a background in scientific research on Prothean technology. But that's not all, with the planet at stake, you will find a good selection of other leading ladies fighting along side the guys.
Mass Effect 3 includes a multiplayer co-op. As in most shooter co-ops, engineers, soldiers, and infiltrators are in the mix and every one has a job to do in order to help their team win the battle. The game maps feel a lot like Kill Zone 3 and Crysis 2 giving it a suburb visual experience. There is a large variety of weapons and explosives to choose from which pack some pretty devastating effects. To further wet our appetite for battle, Bioware has also released the first DLC From Ashes that is now available to download. The DLC offers an expansion of the story with new objectives extending your game play. From Ashes is available for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft points and is included when you buy the collectors edition.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Call of Duty Elite: Modern Warfare 3 Launches Now

Activision has lit the fuse on the highly-anticipated Modern Warfare 3 Content Season for Call of Duty Elite, with the release of two all-new multiplayer maps, the opening salvo of nine consecutive months of downloadable content for Call of Duty Elite's premium members on the Xbox LIVE online entertainment network for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. 

Call of Duty Elite Drop 1: Liberation, a militarized Central Park in the heart of NYC, featuring a vast landscape ripe for long-range sniper and LMG kills. Mounted turrets on opposing ends of the map offer overwhelming firepower to anyone brave enough to man them.  Elite Drop 2: Piazza, set in an idyllic seaside village, Italian getaway gone rogue, where blind corners and a complex network of branching pathways pose danger at every turn. Visceral close-quarters combat dominates in Piazza, and attacks from above and below are an ever-constant threat.
Call of Duty Elite will run specialized community screen shot events highlighting the new maps through the end of the month, with real-world prizes on tap for winners.
Published by Activision and co-developed by three powerhouse studios — Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software — the Modern Warfare 3 Content Season will include an unprecedented breadth and variety of new content. Liberation and Piazza are the first two of twenty new Content Drops for Call of Duty Elite premium members, rolling out once a month throughout the nine-month DLC season. The Content Drops will be available for purchase by the entire Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 player community on Xbox LIVE in March, as part of the first Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection.  The Content Drops will be available on additional platforms at a later time.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is rated "M" (Mature) by the ESRB for Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence and Strong Language.  For more information on the Call of Duty : MW3 content drops, season of content, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty Elite visit and

To become a Call of Duty Elite premium member and receive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 content early, go to  For additional Call of Duty Elite updates and information, visit, and also via Twitter @CallofDutyElite.

Published by Activision 

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