Friday, March 9, 2012

Get ready to take Earth Back With Mass Effect 3

The first blockbuster game of 2012 has arrived! Mass Effect™ 3 from BioWare, is now available at retail stores in North America and will be launching in Europe on March 9th. Get your guns polished Mass Effect 3 is looking pretty promising for shooter fans. But what what the girls at GGP like is that Bioware did not leave the ladies out of the game plan. Its about time game developers finally got around to giving us a game that includes nearly as many female characters as the guys for a shooter game. A big thanks to Bioware.

The story evolves around an all out galactic war to take the Earth back from a hybrid alien race. Whats great about this game is, that you get to decide on how to take different courses of action through out the game. The outcome of the game will be based on your decisions. The wrong choice can have consequences that can lead to the entire destruction of other civilizations. The story includes Lieutenant Commander Ashley Williams who is a career military officer with the Systems Alliance Marines. Also featuring Dr. Liara T'Soni is an asari information broker with a background in scientific research on Prothean technology. But that's not all, with the planet at stake, you will find a good selection of other leading ladies fighting along side the guys.
Mass Effect 3 includes a multiplayer co-op. As in most shooter co-ops, engineers, soldiers, and infiltrators are in the mix and every one has a job to do in order to help their team win the battle. The game maps feel a lot like Kill Zone 3 and Crysis 2 giving it a suburb visual experience. There is a large variety of weapons and explosives to choose from which pack some pretty devastating effects. To further wet our appetite for battle, Bioware has also released the first DLC From Ashes that is now available to download. The DLC offers an expansion of the story with new objectives extending your game play. From Ashes is available for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft points and is included when you buy the collectors edition.


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