Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Call of Duty Launches As Free MMO in China

Call of Duty Free in China

Activision Blizzard announced TuesdayJuly 3rd that they will be bringing Call of Duty online to China through a licensing deal with Tencent.  Only the Chinese version of Call of Dusty is free well, almost.  In order to have weapons and map upgrades, the Chinese users will have to pay for them rather than earn them. That’s mainly because the game will be operated through Tencent a MMO gaming company from China. It looks like the future of online gaming may be leaning toward MMOs now that Dust 514 is about to launch on the Playstation 3 platform for the first time ever in console gaming. 

Massive multiplayer’s so far seem to offer un-interrupted reliable game servers.  I think most players would have to agree it’s nice to not lose your stats and rewards because of game freeze. Playing MMO’s also gives you a chance to game continuously in a linear story without end.  Developers are able to continuously add new weapons and maps to the game to keep things fresh. Let’s certainly hope things go well for Activision Blizzard since western technology is rarely kept a Chinese secret behind the red curtain.

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