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Monday, November 5, 2012

Get a free game download of Battlefield 1942

Dice announced today that they will be giving a free download of Battlefield 1942 in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. The free game is available for PC only, but I dont think you will find to many gamers complaining about getting a free video game. You need to head over to 

Battlefield has com a long way since its first edition 10 years ago. Battlefield 3 became EA's highest selling game of all time selling over 17 million copies. Here are a few interesting facts about Battlefield since it began 10 years ago.

  • 95 billion total heals
  • 4 billion total revives
  • 3 billion vehicles destroyed
  • 2 trillion bullets fired 
Congratulations to Dice for making a great game we will continue to look forward to!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Crisis 3 Pre-Order Deal Is A Great Buy

Crisis 3 Hunter Edition
The Crisis series is no doubt an incredible shooter game that for some reason, never really made it into the spotlight it deserved. Crisis is not only an FPS with amazing graphics, weapon selections and has one of the most reliable servers, its just damn fun to play. But don't worry if you have not played Crisis series in the past, because the new Crisis 3 Hunter Edition will give you plenty of reasons to get acquainted.

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