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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dust 514 New Expainsion Map and Summer Deals

The gifts from CCP are raining down on us in the month of July. Dust 514 releases new maps and great summer deals on weapons and drop suits. Dust 514 new map pack, “Uprising 1.2” is launching this weekend July 5th. But that’s not all, this weekend triple skill points will be offered. Let me say that again, triple skill points! 

Just tell your friends it’s to hot to go outside because you got a better reason to stay in. Each week Dust 514 will have game challenges and special deals. Here is what if offered in the month of July:  

July 4-10 Triple SP Event: All battles boost your SP gain by 3X  
July 11-18 Mordu's Challenge: Achieve combat goals to earn awesome in-game rewards.
July 16-24:Summer Sale: Take 50% off some of our most popular dropsuits and weapons
July 25-31 DUST 514 Prime League: Signups begin for a world-changing tournament...

In addition if you are a subscriber to the Dust 514 Newsletter you will be rewarded a special weapon the “Burnstalk Laser Riffle” just go to the Dust 514 free item redemption page and activate your free gift.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Battlefield 4 release October 29th for both generation game consoles

Dice announced Tuesday May 21st, that the next generation of Battlefield 4 will be sold for multiple game consoles this coming fall season. Battlefield 4 will be available for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users as well as X Box 360 and X box One. I think we can all agree this was a smart move and will certainly help us all out during the next generation console transitions.

Expect to see Battlefield 4 available in stores October 29th for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In addition Dice will unveil Battlefield 4 at E3 this year and allow all attendees an opportunity to play the game first hand.

If you are looking to get your hands on the freebies those that pre order for Battlefield 4 will receive China Rising premium digital expansion pack.  Check out Origin they have pretty good deal running for customers that order on Origin will receive the base game, bonus in game digital items, China Rising digital expansion pack and access to Battlefield 4 beta.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dust 514 official launch 5-14-2013

Its been one of the longest beta testing sessions I think PlayStation 3 users have ever been involved in, but after a year and a half since the testing servers went live, Dust 514 has now officially launched the full version of the game. If you don’t have it, head over to the PlayStation store and download Dust 514 for free. 

For those of us that have been actively beta testing the game for a while now, the improvements made on the recent patch Uprising really pulled the game play and visual experience up to a balanced level. We saw major improvements in weapons adjustment in the range of fire on the sniper riffles, laser riffles, and rail guns. Some classes lost such as the heavy class, lost a little bit of power in order to balance the game out as a whole. The skill assessment was completely reorganized to make it easier to understand how and what items to purchase for upgrading. For a full list of the improvements from the uprising patch check out the Dust 514 forum.

Dust 514 has definitely one of the largest communities of female gamers online. On that note, I'll give a big shout out to the developers at CCP for adding the ladies mercenary suit. Its really one of the best no nonsense charter skins I have seen. They have done an incredible job at allowing the ladies to blend in while in battle eliminating any opportunity for being singled out.
If you are new the game the best way to get started is to do a little reading on the forum to get a basic grasp of the game or head over the public chat channel and look for corporations that are recruiting. Finding the right corporation with skilled players willing to help get you oriented to the game will help you better understand your drop suit, how to fit it, and upgrade weapons. The launch of Dust 514 will open up planetary battles allowing faction warfare but before you can head out into raiding or defending planets it’s a good idea to have a decent leveled up suit with some fire power behind it. Your corporation SEO should be able to lend you a hand getting you set up if not you might want to join up with another group.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Call of Duty Ghost next new game by Infinity Ward

How can the most popular first person shooter game online, Call of Duty get any better than it is?  On May 21st Infinity Ward, developers of the game series, announce the release of the public sneak peek of the new Call of Duty Ghost.  

Call of Duty Ghost will be built on the next generation game engine developed by Infinity Ward that promises to bring in new worlds, maps, game-play experiences and character development. Expect to see the official game trailer launch beginning May 21st and check out the website at Activison to get your first look at COD Ghost.

The game will be published by Activison who has done a tremendous job at marketing and supporting the Call of Dusty series. Let’s hope when the game launch of Call of Duty Ghost launches on November 5th, we will have a finished version of the game that actually works the way we are expecting it. Many game publishers including EA and Activision have been criticized in the past for pushing games to the market before they are finished and ask for a high price for an uncompleted product. There has been negative backlash from Call of Duty Black Ops series due to the games themselves not functioning properly and servers performing poorly, lets hope that Call of Duty Ghost gets it right.

Call of Duty Ghost will be launching in November just after Dice’s Battlefield 4 launches on October 25th. While this is no coincidence, the two game franchises Battlefield 4 published by EA and Call of Duty pushed by Activision are no doubt competing for the dominant market share in online FPS games. However I would hardly crown Call of Duty just yet. John Gaudiosi from Forbes, stated in his article on May 1st that, “The Call of Duty franchise does not have any real close competition.”  I think John needs a little help in getting his facts straight. Battlefield 3 earned 1.3 Billion in revenue and sold over 10 million copies while its contender Call of Duty Black Ops 2 earned a high of 1 billion in total sales. The signal clearly reads a drop in revenue for Call of Duty Franchise and a signal to market the next generation online FPS in order to contend for the crown.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dust 514 takes closer step toward full launch

For those of us that have been around for the Dust 514 closed beta and public beta you have already gotten a pretty good idea on what is in store for the future of Dust MMOFPS planetary battle. For those of you that have taken the time to upgrade your suits

Electronic Arts worst company

EA Electronic Arts again receives the worst company award by consumers.  And for its less than prestigious honour EA will wear the crown of the golden poo achievement.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Get Fuse a four person multiplayer game

For those of us that remember and loved the Resistance 2 multiplayer co-op, get ready to meet Insomniacs latest game release Fuse. The story is about overstrike, a team of elite combat soldiers working with the CIA who get a hold of alien technology they were never suppose to have.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Naughty Dog latest release “The Last of Us”

Naughty Dog the developers of outstanding video game series Uncharted is getting ready to release its latest game “The Last of Us”.  The Last of Us is a visually stunning game taking place after a massive epidemic wipes out most of the human population. The story revolves around 2 people

Battlefield 4 changes the game as you know it

From the moment you load your copy of Battlefield 4 don’t expect to follow the command aim and shoot.  That’s been the basic game up until now. Battlefield 4 is not going to dish up the same old boring shoot out as we have been use to in both Call of Duty and Battlefield.  Nope, times are changing and so is the evolution of online gaming.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sony PlayStation 4 Launches Today

PlayStation users waited anxiously today for Sony’s big announcement. Well it’s here and the game is on introducing the launch of Sony PlayStation 4 or what will be called the PlayStation Orbis. Orbis PlayStation will undoubtedly continue to dominate console sales in the future with an impressive new game controller with touch pad integration.

 So what you can expect from the new PlayStation console is memory expansion and loads of it. I think a whopping 4GB hard drive expandable to 8GB ought to speed up your game loading time. The Orbis will be expected to beat the Xbox 720 with an AMD processor based on its Jaguar CPU architecture. The chips clocks in at 1.6GHz. They have also added enhanced graphics beating the pants off the coming Xbox console. Also included is further integration with smart TVs allowing you to view in game video captions. Imagine no longer having to run to your laptop, pc or mobile device to view a video walkthrough or video tutorial you can view it in game. I think the biggest kick will come from the ability to record and edit your own game play and share it with your friends or the world.

Sony has also planned to reduce the price of the new console due to the negative feedback and slumping first year sales PlayStation 3. The PlayStation price reduction will no doubt be music to every gamer’s ears. We should be able to see consoles hit the stores in time for Christmas season 2013. The estimated price will be close to the $400 mark.

 By: Jen Stekkinger editor

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