Thursday, May 2, 2013

Call of Duty Ghost next new game by Infinity Ward

How can the most popular first person shooter game online, Call of Duty get any better than it is?  On May 21st Infinity Ward, developers of the game series, announce the release of the public sneak peek of the new Call of Duty Ghost.  

Call of Duty Ghost will be built on the next generation game engine developed by Infinity Ward that promises to bring in new worlds, maps, game-play experiences and character development. Expect to see the official game trailer launch beginning May 21st and check out the website at Activison to get your first look at COD Ghost.

The game will be published by Activison who has done a tremendous job at marketing and supporting the Call of Dusty series. Let’s hope when the game launch of Call of Duty Ghost launches on November 5th, we will have a finished version of the game that actually works the way we are expecting it. Many game publishers including EA and Activision have been criticized in the past for pushing games to the market before they are finished and ask for a high price for an uncompleted product. There has been negative backlash from Call of Duty Black Ops series due to the games themselves not functioning properly and servers performing poorly, lets hope that Call of Duty Ghost gets it right.

Call of Duty Ghost will be launching in November just after Dice’s Battlefield 4 launches on October 25th. While this is no coincidence, the two game franchises Battlefield 4 published by EA and Call of Duty pushed by Activision are no doubt competing for the dominant market share in online FPS games. However I would hardly crown Call of Duty just yet. John Gaudiosi from Forbes, stated in his article on May 1st that, “The Call of Duty franchise does not have any real close competition.”  I think John needs a little help in getting his facts straight. Battlefield 3 earned 1.3 Billion in revenue and sold over 10 million copies while its contender Call of Duty Black Ops 2 earned a high of 1 billion in total sales. The signal clearly reads a drop in revenue for Call of Duty Franchise and a signal to market the next generation online FPS in order to contend for the crown.

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