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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dust 514 New Expainsion Map and Summer Deals

The gifts from CCP are raining down on us in the month of July. Dust 514 releases new maps and great summer deals on weapons and drop suits. Dust 514 new map pack, “Uprising 1.2” is launching this weekend July 5th. But that’s not all, this weekend triple skill points will be offered. Let me say that again, triple skill points! 

Just tell your friends it’s to hot to go outside because you got a better reason to stay in. Each week Dust 514 will have game challenges and special deals. Here is what if offered in the month of July:  

July 4-10 Triple SP Event: All battles boost your SP gain by 3X  
July 11-18 Mordu's Challenge: Achieve combat goals to earn awesome in-game rewards.
July 16-24:Summer Sale: Take 50% off some of our most popular dropsuits and weapons
July 25-31 DUST 514 Prime League: Signups begin for a world-changing tournament...

In addition if you are a subscriber to the Dust 514 Newsletter you will be rewarded a special weapon the “Burnstalk Laser Riffle” just go to the Dust 514 free item redemption page and activate your free gift.

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