Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy Wheels Demo, Run for Your Life

The Happy Wheels game, whether in demo form or the full version is full of awesome adventures. The object of the games are to run for your life, out ride the zombies, or show your obstacle course dexterity. However you spin it, the games are pretty cool and addictive.

Happy Wheels Demo

 In the demo you don’t get to play as long or experience all of the features that are in the full version but the idea wets your palette for more gaming, and you feel that you have to buy the full version, to continue your scary and crazy adventure. In the happy wheels demo you get to experience different levels of : happy green hills, speed bridge, obstacle course, dawn of the dead, BMX, and Satan eats you , just to name a few.

The controls are very simple to understand anyone can learn them, the pictures and graphics are silly and fun at the same time. he concept is simple yet genius at the same time. This game even has sound effects as well as gorry visual effects, like blood and excruciating sounds of pain. For those dawn of the dead fans this game is a teaser, and a prelude to the full version of gore and blood.

The happywheels game has something for everyone, sports enthusiast, shooters, runners, bikers, hero’s, and scaredy cats, there is a place for us all. You can jump, run, bike, yell scream and torment others with a sense of accomplishment. Happy wheels demo is fun to try, and once you start there is no turning back, you are addicted, and the only thing that will sooth your need for gore will be to get the full version and experience the insanity all the way through to the end.

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